Mindful tea-drinking practice


Are you are feeling down or #anxious, have you ever tried #meditation. #mindfulness has been overlooked in everyday life, although mindfulness should be practiced every day! Activities such as drinking a cup of tea, or going for a walk is a gentle way to begin. It’s also a helpful way to develop your practice. Here are a few suggestions on how to practice mindful #tea-drinking. Obviously, you can make and drink the tea in any way you like. The important thing is to let go into seeing, feeling, tasting, touching, and hearing, and to return gently to the senses whenever you notice the mind straying into thought.

Pay attention to the sound of the water heating and boiling in the kettle. Hear its bubbling and gurgling. Can you see wisps of steam coming from the spout? Does the kettle subtly shake from the movement of the water inside? Be open to your senses, rather than try to analyse what’s happening.