Where Are We

Dr. Bean is the brainchild of the ImanMehr Group established in 1988 with the aim of producing high quality, organic and natural Iranian products. During the past 80 years our ancestors pioneered growing and cultivating medicinal herbs, giving the third generation invaluable guidance in making positive health and life choices. Considering the importance of leading a balanced lifestyle and the role natural products maintain in preserving human life is at the forefront of conception. The abundance and wide variety of these products in Iran due to its exceptional geographical positioning has helped promote the naturalistic aspects of Dr. Bean.

Since the early years Dr. Bean has paid peculiar attention to the necessity of a sound knowledge base by investing heavily in scientific research and development centres across Iran in order to continue innovation whilst gaining experience in all facets of natural processing. Now, after many years of well-heeled experience, we are proud of Dr. Bean’ inception into chief members of the board of Medicinal Herbs Exporters Union, National Council of Saffron, and the Iran Organic Society.

Our successes represent through outstanding cooperation between associates delivering richness in resources, intangible knowledge, and imploring the highest ethical standards in order to provide best practice for domestic and international customers. Our goal is to achieve a healthy, joyful and pleasant life for all of humanity to enjoy. To help deliver our mission we focus on premium products, timely delivery and competitive prices in both domestic and international markets.

High demand in local and global markets is attributed to the integrity of our ethical principles. Dr. Bean is considered globally as a prominent operator, exporting products to Europe, Asia, North America, and Arabian countries surrounding the Persian Gulf. Natural selection beacons Australia to enjoy the quality of our products.

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