Dr Beans Father

Smoke, dust, blood, fatigue, fear, weakness, dissolution, companions and combat… these are the concepts that Ali had to deal with 35 years ago. A very brutal and long war disconnected the peace and happiness from his beautiful motherland. He stood tall and fought for his people, on many occasions carrying the inanimate bodies of his friends from the battlefield fleeing to safe havens. Throughout the ordeals a constant voice whispering in his head, why? Why friends, loved ones, and innocent soldiers had all lost their lives! He never gave up. Until a cold and angry bullet seriously wounded him keeping him bedridden for a year. He wasn’t able to neither walk nor move. The prognosis for Ali was he would never walk again. Doctors rejected him and advised the only solution to his situation was acceptance, and that the proud solider was never going to stand on his feet for the rest of his life. He dismissed all medical convictions and was determined to walk again, for him and for his family.

Mother is the most beautiful word; Ali’s celestial being was his mother. His mother, his guardian who took care of him through every tear and every fear, never gave up hope that he may one day walk again.  She knew her love and presence was the most beautiful of gifts in his time of need, she never gave up nor did he. In one significant moment, he made a promise with the universe and himself. Dear mother nature, and all the beauty in this magnificent world I promise to donate my life to create peace, beauty, happiness, and give all the love and passion that my mother, my significant other gave me, back to the earth and its people if you enable me to stand up on my feet and walk again. And so he took his first step. He didn’t just walk, he started to run, and he ran back to his birthplace, the place where his mother had conceived him, Kamoo. He was a free soul running towards the horizon of the great and rich land that is Kamoo. He climbed the highest mountain in Kamoo to appreciate the strength the universe gave him in his legs and to see with his own eyes the picturesque, everlasting landscape.

The only thing that he knew was love, the love for peace and harmony. He saw the peace and harmony in flowers and nature. He was holistically connected to nature. He touched the flowers and the soil with love. He planted Valerian, Rose, and Saffron with love, and thus Dr Bean was born.

Dr Bean is wise and kind and is the messenger of peace, happiness, and life for all the humanity.

Dr Bean represents peace and happiness from the freshness of its fruit tea, from the rich pink petals of the rose tea and from the refreshing taste of the hibiscuses tea.

Dr Bean craves unity, neutrality, and love for all the people around the world.

Dr Bean makes you feel better.

Happiness, Peace, Beauty, and Love is our gift to you, thank you.